Keeping your body active, your mind sharp and the sex hot!

Perimenopause & Beyond

She2.0 is the superior version of ourselves. It’s the time when women find their power and their voice.
It’s what happens when we take control of our health and learn more about our bodies.

We provide women with education, resources and advice from experts to optimize their health through
this next phase — body and mind.

Because what you don’t know can hurt you.

She2.0 is the go-to resource and community for women entering perimenopause and beyond.

Through education, events and our expert speakers’ series, you will learn how your body is changing and be provided a space where you can feel safe to explore, learn and ask any questions about your wellness- both physical and emotional. 


Together we will change the narrative around our health from stigmatic and shameful to something

we openly discuss, share and support each other through.

The She's behind She2.0

A partnership of women giving you knowledge, power and options!


Jacquie is a content creator with over 20 years of experience working with brands in advertising, PR and social media. She is a seasoned writer and storyteller with experience developing concepts and content for many big brands including WINNERS, Canadian Tourism, P&G and Carefree. She was also the creator and host of the podcast “Wine, women & weed - The dope on dope”. Jacquie is passionate about women's health, breaking stigmas and educating women on menopause - because life doesn't have to be so difficult!


Ramona has over 20 years experience in production bringing big ideas to life for her clients. Working as an Executive Producer/Producer in advertising, audio, broadcast and non-profit, her diverse range of experience gives her the ability to see projects from all angles. Over the years she has earned a reputation for striking an all important balance between time and budget to make space for creativity and collaboration.


At the age of 39, Ramona found herself in early menopause after her battle with cancer.  Having experienced the gaps in information around women’s healthcare firsthand she aims to help women navigate their own journeys through perimenopause and beyond and find new options for health and wellness.