Let's work together to reach your audience!

We love working with brands who are passionate about the growing peri/menopause market. However, as the menopause industry grows, women are being bombarded with messages and products which can be confusing and difficult to navigate.

Because women have felt overlooked in the women’s health space for so long, they are both excited and trepidatious when they are approached with products and services.They are used to being targeted with key messages, not key ingredients so they are very discerning. 

We understand how to reach, engage and build trust with our audience. We can help you to create content that benefits both your consumers and your brand.









What we do:

  •  Content Strategy

  •  Concept Development

  •  Photography & Video 

  •  Copywriting

  •  Art Direction & Design

  •  Pre-production, Production & Post-production

What we make:

  •  Branded Content

  •  Branded entertainment

  •  Digital storytelling

  •  Social Media

  •  Editorial

  •  Video