The "Shes" behind She2.0

A partnership of women giving you



Jacquie Court, She

Jacquie is the co-founder & co-host of the "She2.0" podcast. She is a content creator with over 20 years experience working with brands in advertising, PR and social media. She is passionate about women's health, breaking stigmas and educating women on peri/menopause. Why?


Because menopause doesn't have to suck.

Ramona Gornik-Lee, She

Ramona is the co-founder & co-host of the “She2.0” podcast. An experienced producer with almost 20 years experience in advertising, broadcast & non-profit. She has worked tirelessly with brands to find solutions and keep everything and everyone on point. Ramona found herself in early menopause after her battle with cancer and was frustrated with the gaps of information for women around menopause. She has since made it her mission to help educate women and uncover new solutions for women’s health and wellness.